A story from Northern Ireland...

On Easter Monday I had to call an ambulance as I was in so much pain. When they arrived they gave me gas and air and two doses of Morphine. I was transported to Downe Hospital where the Doctor said he would send me home with a ‘cocktail of drugs’ and I was told to sleep on the floor for a few days. Before I left the hospital I became numb across the buttocks and down my left leg, after telling the Doctor he told me the numbness was down to the medication.

The next evening I had to call another ambulance as I couldn’t empty my bladder and was in excruciating pain. This time I went to the Ulster Hospital. I had a catheter fitted for my bladder, and during the night was taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital where I was told I would have an MRI scan that day. The results came and showed CES. I had nerve root compression caused by a prolapsed disc and that day, had emergency surgery. I was then transferred to Musgrave Park Hospital for 10 days (6 of which they did nothing) where I was taught about self-catheterising and bowel emptying.