03335 777 113


03335 777 113

The helpline is available to offer support to those affected by CES, including people who may be worried that they are developing symptoms, as well as  carers and loved ones of those affected by cauda equina syndrome 

We operate an answerphone service, please leave a message when we are unavailable.It  is free to call from any UK landline and is also included in your mobile phone minutes bundle.

If you able to volunteer to help man the helpline, please contact us. The helpline can be diverted to any landline, so can be operated from anywhere in the UK.

We receive many different types of calls but perhaps the most poigniant are the conversations we have with people who have been struggling on their own over many years, not being understood by healthcare professionals and who have grown increasingly isolated and unhappy. 

We aim to be available to newly diagnosed patients at the earliest opportunity thus helpling to reduce the long term pyschological and social impact this condition can have on individuals due to the very personal and debilitating issues it brings.

We look forward to hearing from you !