South West – Bev Burling

Bev Burling – Peer Support Champion – South West


Hi I’m Bev and I am the Peer Support Champion for the South West (UK).

I was born and raised in Wales although have lived In Somerset for the last 20 years.

I am married, I have been a military wife and I have 3 Boys. They each have their own needs. So, life has always been tough in one way or another. CES happened to me when I was just 34. This changed our world. I went from being the strongest person in our house. To the most helpless, useless person. But over time it’s like a grieving process, I slowly but surely started to learn what the new me could and couldn’t do. Now I have the opportunity to be a peer support champion, and I am able to use the skills I had once built before my CES days. I always say to people my legs may not work very well. But my brain still tries.

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