Vacuum therapy for CES patients

vacuum pump photo

vacuum pump photoThe benefits of vacuum therapy for CES patients

Everyone’s first thought about the vacuum pump is a sexual aid. But the vacuum pump is a great rehabilitation device to promote the return of penile health.

Through regular using of the device and performing a number of erections the patients will discover a return in penile length and size. This will improve day to day appearance allowing for urination to be much easier as the penis isn’t smaller than normal due to non use atrophy.

Furthermore the vacuum pump is great for having the option to hold the erection for up to 30 minutes with the use of a maintenance ring.

imedicare logoPatients may report an improvement in natural erections. However it is worth considering the chances of the recovery of sexual function in cauda equina syndrome appears to depend on the extent of neurological loss prior to surgery.

This means that the greater the loss of nerve function between the genitals and the brain, and the longer that loss is established, the less likely it is that function will be fully recovered, if at all.

Overall, the vacuum pump is very popular non invasive treatment option allowing for patients to regain their quality of life’s.

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