Hollister Incorporated is an employee-owned company that develops, manufactures and markets healthcare products and services. They are a valued supporter of the work we do here at the Cauda Equina Syndrome Association.

We enjoy working with Hollister because we believe in their products. We hear wonderful things about the customer service and support our members have received. It’s a symbiotic relationship as we want our members to know about some of the best urinary incontinence and ostomy care products and Hollister want to help support their customers with Cauda Equina Syndrome, by  supporting our group meetings.

We have written extensively about one of their products called the Infyna Chic, a revoluntary female catheter that has been meticulolously tested to become a pinnacle in the field of female intermittent self cathterisation. Click here to read more.

The representatives we have worked with have been exceedingly professional, kind and knowledgable. I personally learn something new at every talk. They provide helpful tips regarding the correct technique for intermittent self catheterisation, regardless of which catheters you use.

Jonathan Harper has been a particular source of support and guidance to the CESA and we look forward to continuing working closely with him in the future. We are very grateful for his input.

Hollister are very aware of the pit falls of the industry-wide problem of single use plastics. Their environmental campaigns to offset their carbon footprint are admirable and another reason why we enjoy working with them.

If you would like to try any of their products feel free to contact them for a sample and advice.

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