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UK National Support Group meetings

We hold support group meetings across the UK for anyone affected by cauda equina syndrome. Meetings include demonstrations of medical products, devices and innovations. There is also plenty of advice to support members, enabling them to manage their condition successfully. The meetings provide a safe place to talk with professionals and peers. We share ideas and make new friends at the same time.
Locations currently span the UK, covering England, Scotland and Wales. If you would like to be involved organising a meeting or coffee morning near to where you live please email info@ihavecaudaequina.com.

CESA Legal Panel

We have extensively researched legal firms in the UK to ensure that our members have access to expert Cauda Equina Syndrome legal advice. Please visit our Legal Advice page for more details.


Helpline – 03335 777113

We run a helpline for people living with Cauda Equina Syndrome. We are happy to discuss any aspect of CES and also welcome calls from people concerned they might have/may be developing Cauda Equina compression.
We refer people back to A & E departments with the information they need to ensure clinicians listen to their concerns. Often, after people have contacted us they have gone on to have successful surgery and make a full recovery.
Our helpline is free to phone from UK landlines and mobiles.

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