Northern Ireland – Pamela Stewart

Pamela Stewart – Peer Support Champion –Northern Ireland

My name is Pamela Stewart.

I live in Bangor CO Down 

I first had CES diagnosed in May 2010.  I had emergency onset CES after waking one morning and could not move from the waist down and no toilet functions. I had emergency surgery overnight for CES from L4-S1.  After three months recovery I managed to get myself back to work part time with no lifting etc. In Feb 2017 after a long hard struggle trying to work in pain, I saw my surgeon after scans and MRI’s, I’ve had them all ha!

I had second surgery in June 2018 to have rods and a cage inserted into my spine.  It has been a long hard recovery and I still struggle every day. Unfortunately, I had only rods inserted as my spine is too compacted to insert cages between the vertebrae.  I still use crutches or a stick to get around and some other issues.

I have an amazing family for support and It’s been a long, hard journey with CES but I stay strong, I am here to talk to if you need me. 

I am looking forward to this journey.

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