North East Scotland – Lianne Bryant

Lianne Bryant – Peer Support Champion – North East Scotland


I’m Lianne 35 from Perth, Scotland.

So here it goes the day my life changed I was diagnosed with CES on the 17th February 2017 after having back problems since 2004 this was different the pain the feeling was so different. I never had heard of CES so when I was told I was like WHAT and froze in complete shock. I was operated on the next morning woke from surgery with no movement or feeling in my left leg terrified is how I felt I didn’t know what was next.

On the 22nd February 2017 I was still in hospital experiencing extreme pain they sent me for another MRI to then be told the discs had come out again I was rushed straight to surgery again I was terrified I didn’t have time to prepare myself so off I went. I woke up that night my partner Michelle with me I was numb and sleepy the next morning was relief I was in pain but not the pain I had before the surgery.

I was let home on the 27th February my life had changed so much. I was a full time Carer before this all happened my life was to care for people and I was about to do my nursing in September I became the person who was cared for. My life is now physio twice a week, appointments weekly then monthly for my bladder and bowel. I will not lie, at the start I wanted to give up but I put my all into the physio and fought through and this helped me so much I took a dip with my mental health with it all I just didn’t know what to do life was all about CES and I had lost me as the person before.

As time has gone on I have had one more surgery in June 2019 where one disc had come out again affecting my legs since surgery has helped I’m on lots of medication and crutches to walk. I self-catheterise and have bowel problems but one thing I will say is I’ve now got this I have good and bad days. I’ve learned that CES doesn’t control me anymore I try my best to stay positive but with help of family friends and this group I live with this condition now and life is really what you make of it.

In my spare time I enjoy singing and reading when I get the chance to. I live with my partner Michelle and stepson Ayden we have a dog Lucie and 3 cats Pride, Ace and Luna.

We love family time I’m the eldest of 6 children so family time and family is a huge part of my life. I’m a huge music fan I love most music pop country RnB 80s 90s I’m very outgoing love a chat and would say I’m a ‘friend for life’ type of person.

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