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Thrive Women Visibility In Business Event

Hello everyone,

I just want to share with you my experience at the Thrive Women Visibility in Business conference in Leeds on the 28th June. I found the event through Google funnily enough. I was searching for conferences to hear successful women speak. I seek out those type of events because I find them fascinating. I always leave feeling empowered and motivated. Hearing women’s stories of their hard work paying off gives me so much hope. I enjoy the positive affirmations and the sense of camaraderie that these kind of events garner. In addition, I like to show my support by purchasing tickets and attending such days because I believe that by doing so we begin to change the archaic social narrative that has long pitted women in the workplace against each other. The resounding message at these ‘Women in Business’ events is that there is always more to gain when we as women work together.

When I saw the Thrive Women advert on the search page and I immediately contacted my boss to see if she wanted to go too. The outline of the conference sounded like it would be exceedingly beneficial to our work. My boss founded and runs the non-profit called the Cauda Equina Syndrome Association and we were very lucky that the first Thrive Women talk we attended perfectly aligned with the current issues which we are experiencing. The thing is that we at the CESA are trying to promote awareness of the condition that both my boss & I have. Long term disability from this condition, like I have experienced, can be preventable if the symptoms are recognised early and dealt with quickly. So getting that crucial information out there into the public domain will be life changing for some people.

We are so excited that from September we will have charity status. It will be called the Cauda Equina Champions Charity. It seemed almost serendipitous to be sat in front of three media stalwarts whilst we are having difficulty getting our all-important message out there. We certainly seized the opportunity to get as much advice as we could. Coming to the Thrive Women event was a thoroughly enjoyable, inspirational and exceedingly useful experience. We learnt a lot from the three speakers Christa Ackroyd, Lizzie Murphy and Camila Mankabady. I particularly liked the phrase, “we must aspire to inspire,” that quote has stayed with me long past the conference was over.

Following the talk we managed to network with several people who are already helping us reach our goal. My boss and I are so grateful to Jodie Hill for creating such an important opportunity for us and for all the other professional women of Leeds who were in attendance. I can see why it was a sell-out event. 

Lastly, I am a huge proponent of the philosophy behind women in business helping other women in business. I personally believe that it’s the only way that the infamous glass ceiling has a chance of being shattered. Jodie Hill and Thrive Women are definitely facilitating that break through, and I am so excited to support their future endeavours which hopefully will continue to move us ever-forward to the goal of workplace equality.

Thanks for your time, Catrina Farnell

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