Mr Nishaharan Srikandarajah

Mr Nisaharan Srikandarajah is a Neurosurgeon at the Walton Centre in Liverpool. He achieved an Honours degree for Neurosciences and then read Clinical Medicine at University College London (UCL). He worked as a Foundation Doctor in St George’s Hospital and Frimley Park Hospital in London before joining The Walton Centre as a neurosurgical trainee in 2011. He is currently a PhD student at the Institute of Translational Medicine at The University of Liverpool.

Mr Srikandarajah, also known as Nish, has continually supported the Cauda Equina Syndrome Association in our mission to support those living with CES and people presenting with the red flags of Cauda Equina Syndrome. He provides advice from a clinician’s point of view that we find invaluable. Mr Srikandarajah is currently in the process of publishing the important research he undertook into the core outcomes of Cauda Equina Syndrome. As it says on Nish’s page on the Walton Hospital website;

“His project is developing a core outcome set for patients who have undergone surgery for Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES). CES is caused by sudden compression of the spinal cord. Severe disability can result including leg weakness, bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction.”

Cesa contributed to this research involving our members as participants, as well as our Founder, Claire Thornber and Men’s Support group manager Steven Smith, taking on the roles of Patient Representatives. We look forward to working with Mr Srikandarajah to attain a gold standard care for Cauda Equina Syndrome patients. Our aim is to reduce the number of cases with long-term medical problems as a result of Cauda Equina Syndrome. As Nish states, CES surgery is “the most common emergency spine operation in adults.”

This is the reason that our Cauda Equina Champions Charity is so important. We want to devote our charity funds to provide all those patients the added support they need to facilitate the best rehabilitation. It will address all the effects that the cauda equina compression causes both physically, like bladder and bowels, as well as emotionally such as pain management and psycho-sexual counselling. Tackling those issues as early as possible can hopefully prevent, or at least prepare for issues further down the line.
Nish brings a wealth of medical experience and a true passion to create an “evidence-based treatment and management” plan that perfectly aligns with our goals. We feel very lucky to receive such crucial input from Mr Srikandarajah, Nish, and we welcome him as our first ever Cauda Equina Champion Consultant.

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