Disability Benefits advice at Cesa

Cat Dafydd – Volunteer Benefits Adviser and Advocate


Cat has been a member of our support group since September 2013 after having CES. She has managed to juggle 4 children, part time work and living with CES daily so that she can spare time to offer support and advice to people living in the UK applying for disability benefits.Through avid reading and research about PIP and UK benefits she successfully won an Enhanced award.

Following her own success she helped a few friends with their DWP applications and this developed into delivering advice for CESA members via their Benefits and work.co.uk group membership ( something that Cat strongly recommended for the group )


Cat says –
One of the things I love to do is research. When a visitor suggested I’d qualify for PIP, the UK disability benefit, I started reading.  And reading.  And then reading a bit more.  When I sent off my PIP application form, it was possibly the most well edited file the DWP had ever received!  

Since I was awarded Enhanced for both Daily Living and Mobility just on my application and face to face
alone (I sent no additional evidence), I can only assume it was a masterpiece, the likes of which the DWP will never see again!  

Benefitsandwork.co.uk provide guidance for the original application, MRs (Mandatory Reconsiderations), and 1st and 2nd tier tribunals, so wherever you are in your PIP journey, get in touch and you can benefit from their guidance!  They also have documents on UC/ESA, DLA (for those under 16), and Attendance Allowance (for those over 65 when they apply), and although I have no background on these, I can pass the guidance documents on to you and direct you to other organisations that should be able to help you with any questions.  I’m hoping that at some point I can undergo some formal UC/ESA training to really help members with that as well as PIP – watch this space!’’

To contact Cat please send an email request to info@ihavecaudaequina.com or contact her directly
via our Facebook support group accessed via the website.

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