Cauda Equina Champion’s Gallery

To those who are not aware we have started a campaign crowning people Cauda Equina Champions! We celebrate the amazingly strong patients dealing with our painful condition, the medical professionals who have excelled in the care of their CES patients, and/or any other professional who has gone above and beyond in the pursuit of helping people with Cauda Equina Syndrome.

Here, in our Cauda Equina Champion’s Gallery you will find quotes from these awesome folks and we are hoping that it’s an inspirational experience reading their messages of positivity and hope.

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Plus… you can always nominate yourself or someone else to join the coveted Cauda Equina Champion’s Gallery if you fit the criteria!


This is Michelle one of our members living in the USA. 

This is Catrina Farnell, she works for the CESA and hopes to help others with this life-changing condition.

This is our member Howard, we did an interview with Howard last month. Click here to hear about his incredible CES journey.

This is Natalie, she’s 33 and was diagnosed with CES at 32. Even after two emergency surgeries for her condition she remains strong for her daughter.

This is Suzanne, we loved her inspired and very wise words.

This is Jan, she turned her focus to others with disabilities and has a very positive influence on her community. 


Steven has had Cauda Equina Syndrome for  several years  now, and attributes a big part of his ability to cope to the fact he had his wonderful wife Lisa and his kids to support him. Steven has been such a help to the CES community and has been running the male CESA Facebook Group for several years now. They are both Cauda Equina champions!

Jane is our first professional Cauda Equina Champion, she is a social worker. She has excelled in her CES patient care and we wanted others to see how important social work can be in the life of a CES patient. 

This is Jill, she’s a key person within CESA who has recently done a blog on her CES experience. Here she has an excellent point to make, that reminds us all to make the best of of life.

This is Corynne, she took this photo while she was in rehab after her surgery for CES. She says, “I felt so beaten down. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.” Corynne you are an inspiration and a true Cauda Equina Champion!

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