Dear Mr. Hancock....

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Dear Mr. Hancock....


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Dear Mr. Hancock,

Cauda Equina Syndrome is a devastating incomplete spinal cord injury. CES can leave patients doubly incontinent, in chronic neuropathic pain, with severe mobility issues and sexual dysfunction for life.
Permanent disability occurs usually from clinical negligence and misdiagnosis of the condition.

I doubt very much you have ever heard of it!

Every year officially 1100 patients go through the UK Spinal Units with CES, but litigation suggests that for every one lucky enough to get to a spinal unit there are at least another 5 stuck in other hospitals. That is 5000 people a year - far outweighing the number of people who have a complete spinal cord injury annually.

There is NO CARE PATHWAY for these patients. They are discharged unsupported and left to find the services they need to help them manage their condition and come to terms with their injuries alone.

There is NO LEGAL REQUIREMENT for the NHS to record these numbers of patients.
Without this, there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY and the NHS will never get to grips with how many patients are being disabled every year.

Many patients undertake successful negligence claims that often settle for upwards of £1 million to as much as £4.5 million.
The annual cost of catheter prescriptions alone could be well in excess of £25 million every year, year in year out on top of the growing number of claims.

When is this going to STOP?

When is a Decision Maker going to do something about it?

Mr. Hancock, Will that be YOU ????

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Posted on April 18, 2013 at 4:34 PM
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