Claire Thornber

Founder of Cauda Equina Syndrome Association, an international support group for cauda equina syndrome, based in the United Kingdom.

Claire ThornberThe Cauda Equina Syndrome Association was founded by Claire in 2012 following her own cauda equina injury. Claire suffered from a huge herniated disc in her lower back that compressed her cauda equina at the base of her spinal cord, leading to permanent, life changing injuries. Her traumatic experience of emergency treatment and the lack of support and resources, demonstrated the need for a dedicated patient support group.

Claire was successful in winning two grant awards from Unltd and Lloyds School for Social Entrepreneurs, enabling her to set up CESA.

She heads up the Cauda Equina Syndrome Association and is supported by dedicated staff and volunteers whose lives have all been touched by CES.

Living in Lancashire in the North West of England with her family, she continues to raise awareness and reach out to people isolated and unsupported in the community. She passionately networks and champions cauda equina syndrome, using her skills to deliver real improvements and services for people living with the condition. 

To read more information about Claire’s experience with Cauda Equina visit Claire’s member story.

If you would like to contact Claire or the Cauda Equina Syndrome Association please email us or contact the helpline on 03335 777 113.

Feel free to attend one of our events where you can receive help and support.

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