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A range of resources for health care professionals and GPs to help in the management of suspected cauda equina cases

As a healthcare professional we hope you can help us spread the word and use our site as a valuable resource in your day to day work and that by working together we can really make a difference.

CESA provides CES red flag awareness training to healthcare practioners. Permanent CES can often be prevented if the red flags are picked up and acted on promptly. However awareness of the red flags is not always as good as it could be and this is something we can work with healthcare professionals to address.
We strive to aid early diagnosis of the condition and subsequently avoid permanent neurological damage where possible.

We've collated some useful infomration for healthcare professionals below. If you're interested in talking to our team about CES awareness or partnership please use the for or contact our team via email. 

CES Factsheet for Patients and Professionals 

ClaudeHere you can download a simple factsheet to highlight the main symptoms and red flags of cauda equina syndrome and what's next for both patients and professionals.

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Standards of Care for Established and Suspected Cauda Equina Syndrome

SBNSDelays in the recognition, investigation, and referral for specialist care and surgery for patients with cauda equina syndrome (CES) are a major cause of serious and potentially avoidable neurological morbidity. The clinical assessment of patients with suspected CES is difficult. The definitions below seem clear but there is a need for sound clinical judgment. The majority of patients with suspected cauda equina syndrome will not have critical neural compression and in practice, it is only possible to exclude treatable CES by appropriate imaging.

Download the full document here

John Raynard Document

This document was kindly supplied for this website by Mr. John Raynard. It describes cauda equina syndrome and the urgency of medical intervention.

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British Association of Spine Surgeons - Standards of Care for Suspected and Confirmed Compressive Cauda Equina Syndrome.

Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) is a relatively rare, but very disabling condition. It causes misery to affected patients that is reflected in the cost of managing the disability and litigation which results from it. It is possible that a proportion of established CES MAY BE avoidable with appropriate and timely management. We have produced these guidelines in order to try and improve the care for patients with this condition. Click here to read the full guide.