How Cauda Equina Syndrome can affect a person,

Who are Sex And The Spine (SATS)…. ?

Sex And The Spine is the culmination of years of clinical research and consultations led by some of the leading experts in this clinical space. This includes internationally recognised health care professionals including spinal surgeons, physiotherapists, sex therapists and more, who share one common goal- to help improve sexual function in a range of conditions related to the spine; through accessible online educational media, therapy advice and support & guidance. Our expertise:

  • Sexual dysfunction following spinal cord injury or nerve injury
  • Sexual impairment in back and neck pain
  • Sexual issues after Cauda Equina Syndrome
  • Sexual restriction following spinal surgery
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Impaired body image in spinal deformity such as scoliosis
  • Impaired body image through surgical scars
  • Relationship counselling for couples, individuals after spinal/medical conditions

The “Sex and The Spine” platform was launched to provide a portal for education and advice for both clinicians and patients. We position ourselves as the link between patients and experts, providing interdisciplinary treatment/guidance. The core multi-disciplinary team structuring this platform include spine surgeons Dr. med. Bronek Boszczyk (Germany) and Dr. Areena Dsouza (Germany), Clinical Sexologists Angela Gregory (United Kingdom) and Dr. Martha Lee (Singapore), Consultant Andrologist Mr. Amr Raheem (United Kingdom), Consultant Physiotherapist Eleanor Dunstan (United Kingdom), Psychosexual therapist for regional Spinal Cord Injury centres (United Kingdom), Michelle Donald and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Divya Parashar (India). We are fortunate to be able to draw on a pool of experts in their fields for specific topics.


In short, SATS is driven by a tremendously dedicated group of health care professionals bringing much needed informational content to persons suffering from sexual dysfunction arising from a range of spinal disorders. We hope to widen our outreach to all those who need these services.


For more information visits or read more here SATS Leaflet

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