Rebecca’s Story


Rebecca’s Story


I had never had back issues so in January 2019 when the pain started, I took it to mean I had pulled a muscle. Three weeks later it was still no better and I was told by a trainee GP it was sciatica. Another week later my legs gave out and I went to A&E.

The team were amazing!  They took the time to explain clearly what was happening and that I needed emergency surgery – something I really appreciated. I was told to prepare for lasting issues as it hadn’t been picked up quickly enough.

I was sent to another hospital and had surgery the following day. Now my right leg is paralysed, I have drop foot along with bladder and bowel issues. This is now permanent. 

It can be hard at times, but it’s put my life in perspective. I’m grateful for all the NHS has and is doing for me. I had never heard of CES before this happened and I enjoy being a member of the CES Facebook group who keep my mood up and join in, laughing at the jokes we all make. 

No matter what is thrown at you there is always a way to make it work. I’m in a wheelchair at 35, I have two kids and a husband, but most of all I have a different outlook on life, one that makes you realise what’s important to you!

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