It all started when I fell down stairs at my job. I hit the base of my spine on the edge of the cement step. It felt painful at first, but then felt like the same as hitting your funny bone in your elbow. After a little time, it swelled up. I went to the ER and was told I needed to follow up with my doctor, which I did.

After a few a Point nets and X-rays, an MRI and CAT scan was done and that’s when it was realized I had damage and needed immediate surgery. This was determined in December. I was denied surgery until February 1st, when I lost all feeling in my rectum and vaginal area and was suffering in excruciating pain The doctor did emergency surgery to try to stop what was happening.

Too late! What I have is what I got! Too much nerve damage and now I have to live with CES every day of my life. I had a very good job but due to pain, incontinence, and not being able to sit, stand, walk, etc I was forced to retire at 51 years old.

My whole life changed. From being an independent woman, to asking for rides and assistance for everything. My life is no longer what it used to be. I struggle every day and force myself to move about. I am in pain 24/7. Medications have been prescribed but I feel like a total zombie some days, depression sets in and I refuse to be confined to a wheelchair.

Driving is very risky because my legs don’t always move as fast as they should, like a delay of 5 to 10 seconds, so that can be very dangerous. I really avoid it unless I have to go to the local store. By the time I get there and back, I am emotional and scared because of fear I won’t be able to stop. I used to vacation often but not anymore. I used to have a summer home that I would drive down to each Friday after work for the weekends, had to sell it due to loss of income. Disability and Social Security doesn’t cover my income.

We had to sell my home and move to where we could afford to live, 850 miles away from my kids. I try to keep my head up and I thank God every day for each day. I am lonely at times and miss my friends and familiar home town, I have been dealt a raw deal as have many others. CES sucks and unless you have had the experience of the pain we feel and how it has affected us in everyway possible, no one will understand.

Family and friends get tired and frustrated at times hearing complaints, so I complain no more. I keep it to myself. I occupy my time on the Internet and with my grandchildren who keep me going and give me a reason to go on.

So that’s my story, If Workmen’s Comp would of approved surgery that was recommended by one of their doctors. I could be living a normal life, but instead, money for the surgery got in the way by WC and they let it go too long. The most frustrating thing is, I had insurance through my job of my own, but because this happened at work, the insurance company said it is up to WC. Nice right? So here I sit, trying not to take all these medications due to worry of medication dependence and ruining my vital organs. I’m looking into Medical Marijuana because I’ve heard it helps, but it is illegal in my area so I guess that’s out of reach for me too.

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