Australia – Ashley Allison

Ashley Allison – Peer Support Champion – Australia


My name is Ashley.

I’m a mum to two kids originally from Scotland but we have been living in Perth Western Australia since 2012. I have been living with CES since January 2016.

My local hospital didn’t diagnose CES in time instead preferring to treat me for back pain and ignoring all the signs and symptoms I had and the consequences have been devastating. After my emergency operation I spent time in a spinal rehabilitation unit learning to walk again but even there no one could tell me about Cauda Equina Syndrome and what I should expect so my only resources were the internet and finding CESA.

It was a massive relief to find out I wasn’t alone and that other people were on the same journey as me. The early years were very difficult both physically and mentally but I attend both physiotherapy and a psychologist regularly which has helped me learn how to adjust to my new normal. I have had to educate myself, my family and my friends on CES. I’ve learned to question health practitioners and seek second opinions when it comes to CES as no one else will advocate for me better than me. I love being part of the online group as there is always someone available to chat with and between us all we have a wealth of knowledge about life with CES. I’m currently working towards getting back to work with the help of a disability provider.

My advice is NEVER give up HOPE for recovery, YOU are loved & YOU MATTER.

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