I would like to thank the CESA for presenting at The College of Paramedics & Yorkshire Ambulance Service Best Practice event. Having CESA attend our event raised the awareness of CES amongst frontline ambulance clinicians and contributed to the professional development of paramedics. This will certainly improve paramedics’ ability to flag up potential CES at a much earlier point in time than before. The CESA presentation was particularly well received by paramedics due to the patient perspective element, real patients with real stories to tell was certainly a very powerful approach and got the message out loud and clear. I would like to support the CESA going forward to continue to raise awareness of this spinal emergency amongst paramedics.

by Yorkshire Ambulance Service

When I was diagnosed with CES I had never heard of it before and was very scared. My husband is very positive, but can't deal with the whole range of emotions or details of what is happening to me very well. While I can share things with my family, they would sympathize and help me in other ways, there is just no way to explain the emotional and physical toll this takes on you unless someone has experienced it. Having this safe haven where support is unconditional and nothing we are going through is off limits has helped me to feel like I can get through this (fully healed or not). Whilst it is terrifying to go through, knowing we are not alone is comforting. I love you all!

by Amy

Being a member helps me realise I'm not going crazy whilst healthcare professionals have implied it's in my head!!!

by Jill from Leeds

The support group helps me as people are going through the same things as me, this gives me some comfort

by Tracey from Ireland