Claire Thornber



The Cauda Equina Syndrome Association was founded by Claire Thornber in November 2012 following her own personal journey to recovery from a prolapsed disc in the lower back in September 2010. Through her experience of lack of support available in the NHS for Cauda Equina Syndrome patients, she recognised the need for a dedicated patient support group.

Claire previously ran her own business and supported her two children but now dedicates her time to the Cauda Equina Syndrome Association. She lives in the Northwest of England with her family,

''I love my work, connecting with people who understand my own issues, with professionals who are passionate about change and being part of something that benefits others. We meet lots of characters and find ingenious ways getting our message across whilst reaching out to people with CES. We have made friends around the world, not just in the UK and each day brings another story and a fresh challenge.

I embrace my condition and feel it has enabled me to see life from a different perspective, realizing what is important and what makes me happy ''