About Us

OUR VISION : 'To bring Cauda Equina Syndrome and other spinal conditions to the forefront of people's minds, to aid prompt diagnosis and help people adapt their lives to achieve a happy and fulfilling future'.



Raising awareness is an absolute priority. We strive to ensure that CES becomes a household name and that everyone, including health care professionals, are aware of the ‘Red Flag Symptoms’ enabling timely diagnosis and management of cauda equina syndrome.


Always being available for people with living with cauda equina syndrome and their loved ones along the difficult road to recovery and acceptance of their condition, via our dedicated support groups and helpline, unique partnerships, passionate professionals and volunteers.


To support all Healthcare Professionals in their work with cauda equina syndrome, to recognise the ‘Red Flag Symptoms’ and diagnose CES in a timely manner helping to redice the risk to patients of permanent neurological damage. To offer training and information and campaign within the NHS for an established pathway of care.


To provide reliable and relevant information accessible from home and in one place helping people deal with all the issues surrounding cauda equina syndrome