Help using membership and profiles

We have made it easy for you to join in the “I have Cauda Equina” forums through online membership.

Here are some general notes to help you get started and use the pages for members.

Join as a Member

To join the community, go to the Members menu and take the option to “Register”. You can also find the “Register” option around the site.

Account Details


Username – This is the name you will use to login to the site. Usernames with no spaces generally work best.
Email address – You must use a valid email address, so that you can receive information from the site and to validate your membership.
Choose a password – Please choose a password and repeat it.
Profile Details (How you will be seen on the forums)
Name – This is the name you want to appear on the forums. You can use your real name or a nickname.
Member Type – Please choose your Member Type from the drop down box.

Confirm your Membership

You will now receive an email asking you to Activate your Account. You should click on the link on the email. You will not be able to use your account until you have clicked on the link. If you do not receive the email, please check your junk / spam email folders or contact us on

Once you have Activated your Membership you will see a link to log in, or you can use the login boxes on the front.

Updating your Profile

To update your profile. Click on your Name in the right hand column or “Your Profile” in the members’s section.
Here you can add a picture (This can be your own picture or an avatar) by clicking on the blank picture.
You can add your Location by adding it by clicking on the Location tab. For privacy and security reasons, just select your location as the nearest large town or village. Do not enter your full address as this will be publically available.


Here you can change your password or update your email address.
Change your notification preferences through the Settings / Email button.
If you want to leave us, you can delete your account through Settings / Delete Account.

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